Modern Stock Crashes – Top $ 130 Billion Loss, Down 67% From Top Last Year Following Lackluster COVID Vaccine Consequences

Moderna stocks fell Friday in the Selloff market this week. The company has lost $ 130 billion worth of assets this year due to a shortage of COVID vaccines and a new version of Omicron. Sales have dropped by 67% from its all-year high.

Through Jonathan Ponciano to Forbes.

Affected by a massive sell-off in the market this week, Moderna shares went down for a straight day on Friday with experts doubting whether selling the Covid-19 vaccine alone would help justify the company’s meteoric calculations, magnifying an accident that wiped out more than 60% of one price. of last year’s top stocks and transformed into the best performers this year.

Moderna market fell 4.4% on Friday to eight months lower by $ 160, pushing the dividend below 20% last week amid growing research showing that Moderna’s Covid-19 booster, despite being very effective in coping with past challenges, did not work well in the face of an emergency. dissemination of omicron…

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Moderna shares are down 67% from the regular closure of $ 484 on August 9, clearing nearly $ 133 billion from solid market capitalization, which now stands at about $ 65 billion.

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