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Hello Friends, Blackpink Font is a logo font that we have seen in the Blackpink title. This group has got a huge fan following all over the world. Basically, It’s a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment for the first time during August 2016.

So popular among the youth, This group has become the highest-charting female K-pop act on both Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200. So, Bu this evidence you can access its popularity.  A lot of peoples from worldwide knows about this group.

Don’t forget to try our previous font Heavitas Font is the perfect answer. Mr. Deepak Dogra an Indian font designer Dogra took the charge for designing it and releasing it for the first time during November 2015. If you have a look at its texture you feel a resemblance between Heavitas Font and  Heebo Font or Brown Font.

Its title is also very attractive the same as its attractive song. You can say both are of the same caliber. This the reason so many designers are eager to work with it. Enormous fane following attracts them to work along with this mindblowing successful font.

The designer took inspiration from some other fonts to create a masterpiece. In the coming paragraph, we will elaborate on the names of that font which attracts designers and gave them inspiration.

That’s why here we wanna showing two fonts families which most probably use for its title. The first one is Helvetica font, a legendary font of this century. While the second one is the Primetime Font.

The Helvetica font has created by Mr.  Max Miedinger in 1957 and the font Primetime is created by Herofonts. Both of these fonts belong to the sans serif font family. both are fantastic.

Ideal for office use. It was designed especially for official work. So, both can use singly and font pair condition also. That’s why they are very popular in the markets. most of the designers attracted due to its texture and style.

Both typefaces contain more than 220 number of characters with TTF file formats. So they can easily useable for large projects. Although it is free for personal use, not for commercial usage.

But before using them for commercial activities you must purchase them for their rightful owners. Then you can easily use these elegant fonts for several projects.

For example, logos, branding, movie posters, game titling, fashion magazines, newspapers, website developments, web content, cv templates, official documents, and so on.

Those unique fonts are specially designed for large projects same like Hind Font and Monda Font. So, if you strongly believe in their capabilities then leave a remark in the comment section below. We have great respect for your suggestions.

So friends we hope you have licked this font. if you are satisfied with its operational results then please refer. Refer to this amazing font to your professional circle. That may help to increase the proficiency of the projects.

Good Luck!

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