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In case you’re looking for that little something extra in a font, Magic The Gathering is the one for you. This font is the ultimate collectible. Magic The Gathering font resulted from a collaboration between Markus Fajardo & Magic The Gathering Online Community. It aims to be as close as possible to the original logo.

This typeface was created by Richard Garfield and represents the perfect combination of magical, fantasy, and typeface. An impressive thirty-five million users play this game based upon a December 2018 survey.

That’s why this game is one of the most popular all around the world. And thus, several designers want to work along with its logo. So, here we are bestowing on it a font that looks similar to its logo font.

Highly aesthetic and elegant, Magic The Gathering Font delivers a different type of sharpness.


It is a striking typeface with a beautiful, modern feel. Use this elegant font to drive interest in your next design. Create stunning t-shirt designs and logos and surprise your viewers by using this cool font.

You can use the modern texture in your designs for an elegant and luxurious look. This font comes with a variety of characters that include lowercase, uppercase, and numbers. You can use it for a whole project without having to worry about purchasing another font.

You can create a stunning book cover, product design, or event card with help from the Museo typeface.

So, if you are tired of your book covers looking dull, boring, or unprofessional? Say goodbye to that underwhelming appearance with this awesome font. Download the elegant typeface today and turn any simple design into something extraordinary.

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