True Crimes Font Free Download

This True Crimes Font falls into the category of horror font which in an elegant and magnificent texture. A person named Walter Velez published it for the very first time in the year 2002 and the design of this script is also designed by him.

As far as its texture overall look is concerned, it looks an inappropriate texture because while the creation of its design the designer has used multiple strokes for each letter. And this is the basic and main identification of this font. One more thing which this font super unique is its texture seems like it is created with hands by the designer.

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This is a font that can be a perfect choice for the bigger text because its design is created with courageous kind of strokes which gives thick look to the font and the height of the font is also large that is why it can be a perfect choice for large text but it cannot be a good choice for small text so feel free to create bigger text with it.

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If we talk about the upper and lower case of characters then it is almost the same but the difference comes with the height of the text. If you want to use it in pairing you can utilize it. So if you want to utilize it jointly surely you can or if you want to use it separately for the different tasks just go ahead.

True Crimes Font Family

This font has created in a single regular style and it comes in TTF file format. Its single style keeps 68 glyphs with 1000 (thousand) units per em.

The characters having both uppercase and lower case, some marks are also included. This font can surely help in the creation of better quality designing and production immediately and it can also give you better results by pairing with others.


With the help of this font, you can make outstanding emblems, unique movie posters, creative game graphics, design horror quotes, beautiful fabric printing, and much more.

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1.Design Horror Movie Posters.

Its super cool texture will surely give you the best results if you use it in designing of the horror movie poster, its texture’s thick stroke will give an intense look to the style and will leave an impact on the audience’s mind at once.

2.Produce Cool Fabric Printing

The young generation attracts to printed t-shirts so if you want to sell your quotes your special quotes then utilize them through shirt printing. Normally we attach with some quotes because of our personal experiences and these can be good and bad both so by printing attention-holding quotes with this super elegant design you can make these quotes more special

Now we hope you are familiar with the abilities of this font and understand it deeply, now what is your valuable opinion about True Crimes font don’t forget to share with us in the comment section and share with your fellows also.

To use this font for your personal use you can download it just by clicking on the download button.

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