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Slab serif fonts such as the Zilla Slab Font have a thick surface texture and clean lines. It was the first time that the Mozilla Foundation was in charge of the design and distribution since 2017. Based on Typotheque’s Tesla, this modern typeface is designed with distinct curves and true italics, giving it a professional appearance that makes it easy to use.

It is an unusual typeface that combines serif and sans serif fonts to produce a seamless appearance. Many designers used that beautiful typeface solely to give their projects a professional appearance. For anyone in any profession, this is a great opportunity. Only the most basic optical corrections are made to each of its 12 designs.

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Its bold letter style better readability to viewers. Every letter of this amazing font shows the best work of the designer. There are upper- and lower-case letter layouts, numerals, accentuation marks, and modern symbols. Therefore, this great typeface can be used for a lot of different projects.

With its great texture, you can use it for writing purposes. Typical examples include a brand logo or fantastic emblem, an official card, a special event card, a newspaper, a quote, a heading, or a font combination.

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